Sacred Union in Ceremony

2093635“We gather … to harmonize and integrate our Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine.  We ceremonially offer our intentions to bring Sacred Union to heart and mind and plant the seeds of self-love so our actions may be informed from our deep knowing and our life may shape itself from the deepest expressions of our heart.”

Each ceremony is sacred, sacred in space and sacred in intention.  Each ceremony is a personal experience in connection with others and with the Creator.  It is a time to reflect and give expressions of gratitude for the blessings in life.  Karen Chrappa shares, “bringing together in sacred union the highest expression of your Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine essence.  A union of the heart and mind.”

The question many have asked is what is a Sacred Union?  What does it mean?  And more importantly, how do I make it occur?

First allow me to say we do not make things occur, rather any ceremony, any spiritual path, is allow it to occur, we allow it to flow.  Another simple confusion is that this is not about the relationship of partners.  This is about the Sacred Union within.

Let us first talk about what is the Feminine and the Masculine in this context of sacredness.

The Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine is about the womb from which all things emerge.  It is about the energy of the process which occurs – the energy signatures.  Let’s look at the symbology.  The womb, it carries, nurtures, and protects the new life.  It is the essence of love.  It is the receptive energy of life.  It is attraction not assertion.  It is co creation and responsiveness, not independent energy.  The womb is carried, impregnated by another.  It is fluid and flowing so that the energy can grow.  It is the sacred chalice.  And this is simply the womb symbology.

The Sacred Feminine is the cycle of life from birth through death.  She is the wild, untamed forces of nature; yet she is also the surrender of life.  The Sacred Feminine energy truly is the power of unity, the relatedness of all things.  The Sacred Feminine is the weaver to bring all things to oneness.

The Sacred Masculine

The Sacred Masculine energy is what sets all things into motion.  The will power to make a choice and choose a direction.  It is the active energy that challenges us to push further; yet it is also the foundation of stability and structure in life.  The focused intention.  It is the Father energy that is the protector of all things and the provider.  It is the system of energy that summons the courage to go beyond all self-imposed limits to tune into the soul’s purpose in life.

The Sacred Masculine allows for us to transverse, like a warrior, through the inner and outer worlds that are even beyond the worlds that exist in the physical.

The Sacred Union

To have the womb birth, one needs both the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.  The balance is to be grateful for both, allow both to rise equally and to unify both within.  Neither inferior to the other, both equal in necessity.

To enter into a Sacred Union within, one must be willing to do the shadow work of both the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.  It is a conscious awareness that allows this union.  The shadow work allows for a look into what are the underdeveloped aspects of energy and what are the overdeveloped aspects of the energy.  This self-introspection can be difficult and leave one feeling raw and vulnerable; yet it is necessary to understand that the realization of having both energies is only the first step.

Ask yourself:  Which side of you feels more alive?  What is the difference in how you focus your intent?

The feminine energy is the left side of the body with our feelings and emotions; while the right side of the body is our logical and will power.  When we are looking at the wisdom of each we are inviting the power of the spirit world to reveal to us where we need to work on the balancing and many times the releasing.

One must find the authentic enlightenment – find the sacred within.  It will not be found in the external.  I shared; all relationships in life are based upon the relationship with self.  The energy within must be balanced in both energies, but we must go further than simply balancing – they must integrate with one another are unify.

We already have both energies within us, and the unification or the integration process is simply an allowing in sacred intention of what already exists.  It is about stepping into the flow that surrounds us all and allowing it to carry us rather than trying to fight it, force it, manipulate the energy.

The sacred intention of allowing the Sacred Union to organically occur within is to find blissful joy.

Originally posted 2014