Silence and Seeds of Your Dreams

434499_origSilence prepares the mind to begin to hear what is whispered. Silence allows the experience of sensing the words without hearing the words. It is a gift to learn to appreciate and enjoy the absolute silence. Nature teems with sounds we rarely silence enough to hear. A private ceremony of silence seeking answers to the internal dilemmas and choices within the silence of the soul.

As the prayers were offered in silence to the wood collected from the forest floor, the songs of the birds filled the space. An owl. A hawk. A kite. A vulture. Many of the songs were a calling. A calling that became a symphony.

Link and connect. Link and connect. Just link and connect. One by one. Simply allow them to come one by one. Link and connect.

The words whispering in the winds from the elders that seem to float in and out of view, their words like a soft aria over and over again chanting the words. The winds whisper “It is time. Time to send the fears to the fire, time to send all to the fire and dream into reality desires”. As though guided by the ancestors, in the time between the moon disappearing and the sun rising, I melted to my knees by the embers disappearing into ash and blew my breath upon it. Time to release by the powers of the full moon energy, blowing my breath again upon the embers. A small flickering flame appeared.

The winds again speaking, “trust and be the voice for those who cannot speak”. Again I leaned over the tiny flame and the embers and breathed into them. A birth of flame once more flickered. Link and connect, link and connect.

Knowing the flames were to purify and cleanse I breathed into the small flames giving them life to cleanse. Life to purify. To give rise to the voice of those who have entrusted their prayers and intentions for me to carry in the past and in the future. Tears dropping on the embers giving rise to small poofs of smoke.
Feeling the pain and the fear. The sacredness of all life felt. Closing my eyes to feel my heartbeat slow and steady. A song arose. No words simply sound. My feet upon the earth and heart giving beat, a plea – a voice to bless all with the gift of their prayer. From heart to heart.

It was shared within the whispers of the winds, “within your being, the Eternal Flame of Love, of your inner fire burns with energy as never before. You have within you the power to use your own voice to speak your authentic truths. The seeds of your dreams have been planted and broken through the darkness of the earth. The spiritual focus of your inner fire warms the buds as they burst open bringing fruition to grow vitality and juicy energy. They have been fertilized with the compost of release of your emotional past. Even as the dreams may have felt dead, it is only hibernation like an uncomfortable awareness. Darkness, shame, pain, or discouragement all MUST be released once more as they erupt from the bowels. The forgiveness withheld must be given. This will allow an awareness into self-realization.”

Breathing again into the embers as the flames seem to have disappeared once more. The pain of the suffering of others brought into life. “New choices come from the perspective of awareness and growth – while pain is felt it is simply lifted from the sacred places of the heart.” We may feel as though we have released and released, yet, until we release to the sacred space within, to the heart of hearts, the wisdom of release is only superficial. To disintegrate these experiences, these emotions, these fears, we must offer them once more as a sacred act of ceremony within to the Heart. To the soul where forgiveness of self, compassion for self, and love of self is held. This is the time, the time to offer all to the Eternal Flame within. This is the time to forgive wholly. To claim loudly your voice so that you may be freed of all. It is now time to link and connect all things in a new awareness and make the shift of consciousness within that will allow you, allow your soul, to be free.

Welcome to Fall

Welcome to Fall
The autumn equinox equally in light and darkness. A signal to our inner self to find that balance as well.

Gary Thorp wrote “Sometimes there is no remedy for our situation than to begin from a point of absolute darkness.”

Crossroads are any point where two or more paths intersect. A time of contemplation, but also a meeting place. A place where our thoughts, emotions, and ideas come together to fuse together forming a decision or birthing.

It was shared with me recently that the symbolism of a crossroad is the X. X represents the union of duality. The union of light and dark. A perfect symbolism for the autumn equinox.

Each crossroad in life brings for decisions and creations into manifestation. There are many cultures that see crossroads as hallowed ground. While others saw them as places to bury the lost and confused.

Ultimately, crossroads are the choices, the consequences in making a decision that we each face mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is a place of pure potential and pure chaos intersecting. Begging the question of each “which direction shall I go”?

Change is always with us. It is the only true constant in life. The season of autumn brings us to a deeper realization that in life everything is a cycle. Things must die in order to rise. Being from the North originally, fall traditionally was a time of leaves reverting to the orange, reds, and yellows displaying a gorgeous spectacle to view. The reality is that those leaves were returning to their natural state – going into hibernation and falling to a death upon the ground. The tree intuitively knowing that in order to birth new leaves in the spring, a death must occur.

As this fall begins and you reflect upon where you are in your own crossroads, surrender and let go of the mask that is your leaves. Allow the full release of energy to let go that you may be reborn once more. Allowing that which no longer serves you to simply fall away.

There is a paradox to all of this. Fall is also the time of harvest of gathering that which we worked so hard to grow during the summer season. So as we release we gather. The cross roads of fall.

If we do not release our baskets are full and we cannot gather the succulent harvest to carry us through the winter months.

The greatest difficultly comes in the choice of what to surrender and what to gather. For many it can be a so overwhelming that the load becomes to heavy to carry.

That is the chaos of the crossroads of fall.


As some of you know, for the past few months I have had numerous crossroads appear on my journey.  Many in my immediate family have had their own crossroads.  It has been a difficult summer and once more we stand at yet another crossroad – as individuals facing our own set of paths.


I was asked recently how do you get through “this” – whatever “this” is.


My only reply is to turn to Spirit.  Spirit has all answers and can lead each of us to the choices that are in our best interest and well being.


I know for me personally fighting with traditional medicine to practice my own healing with holistic practitioner’s and alternative therapies has shown me that I alone do not have the strength to battle.  Spirit has the strength and the courage needed to stand.


I have seen with family and friends facing their own battles and turmoil, every time they surrender to Spirit and allow spirit to guide and protect them, they have the strength and courage.


Never easy.  But always possible.


I am reminded often that in my humanity and vulnerability, I am strongest.  The journey of life may not be paved with gold and sprinkled with rose petals.  It may have the lowest valleys to cross through before needing to climb a high mountain top; yet the journey itself is a gift and the views atop the mountain spectacular.  I only need to to believe and trust in Spirit and then do the work presented in the moment for me to do.


So this month I offer to you this prayer:
Great Spirit. Divine Source, the Fountain of all Life, we humbly come to you with reverence to ask for blessing and healing this day.

In the Divine I AM, we call upon all the Masters and Angels of Healing to seal our sacred beings in the perfect light of Divine consciousness.

In the I AM Light of Divine consciousness release the Cosmic Healing Rays to shine within and through our bodies, our hands, and our hearts to bless and heal our sacred beings.  We accept the complete removal of all root causes of the past limitation and diseases within us through the Divine Source.

We call upon the Divine Source to guide us, guard us and to shield us now.   We call to be restored to wholeness within our bodies, minds, and spirits.

We call upon the Masters with all their Divine powers to restore us through the energies of the Divine’s Love. Restore and heal all levels of consciousness bringing us into complete and full alignment with the Divine Source’s Love.   We now receive all great miracles of the Divine’s healing !

We call upon the Divine Masters to touch upon our chakras to awaken the Love of the Divine Flame so that we may feel the healing powers of the Divine. Angels of Mercy surrounded within the White Light Flame surround our inner sacred beings to give us a profound sense of inner resolution of all conditions within our inner lives.

We call upon the Holy Fires, The Laws of Forgiveness, and the Law of Divine Love for all our healing now.  Allowing all blocks in feelings to be removed and the Divine Way of Love be open for our  full ascension.

We call for the Healing Power of the Divine’s Heart to flow through our hearts, heads, and hands into all of the Divine’s people You desire to heal and assist in Your Name.

We call upon the I AM and Divine Spirit, the Lord’s of Karma, and All Sacred Masters to help release the negative karmic energies for All here on Earth. Release the Power of the Divine Fire that is necessary to remove the causes and conditions of disease and limitations of life and consciousness now.

Allow us to be cloaked in the Divine’s Healing Power, the I Am Love, the Sacred Divine Healing Flame which exist within and the Cosmic Wand of Healing which supports all Life and manifest eternally in Perfection. We receive and are absorbed in the Divine Mantle that enfolds us in Blessings, Healing, and Love.   We allow our brains and nervous systems to resonate with waves of Divine healing energy that pour down and fill our beings now.

Within each and every breath, every atom of our sacred being shines with Divine Healing Light. Every atom of our sacred being is loved unconditionally. Every atom of our sacred being resonates with the Divine Fire burning within this loving Divine Energy.

We ask this in humble respect and gratitude for all that has been gifted, all that has been healed, and all that has been revealed.